Rainbow Spectrum Royal Navy

#ROLKEM proudly presents Victor Helberg unveiling the ROLKEM Rainbow Spectrum – Royal Navy and demonstrating the versatility and many uses of the product!

Paint Perfect

ROLKEM Paint Perfect is the perfect solution to your powder colour mixing needs! This product has an extremely fast drying time, prevents powder from rubbing off after paint or dusting and adds a brilliant sheen on finished articles!

How To Paint With QDE

In this video we explore the many features of the ROLKEM Quick Dry Essence products. Learn how to paint with ROLKEM QDE, what’s it used for and how you can enhance fondant.

Concentrated Range

In today’s video we explore the magic that is the ROLKEM Concentrated Range, learn how to paint and colour with the ROLKEM Concentrated colours! 

How To Make Multi Colored Chocolates

Check out how we made multi colored chocolates using ROLKEM Rainbow #rolkem #petaldust #pigements #cake #cakedecoration #green #lime #sugarart

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