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How to make African Meringue Buttercream

1Kg African Meringue Buttercream. (2 Part)

What you will need:

  • 1Kg Finely Sifted Icing Sugar
  • 250g Fresh Butter or Baking Margarine
  • Cream of Tartar
  • 1 Egg White (Jumbo Egg or 2 smaller Eggs)

Part 1

Start by cutting the butter into smaller blocks and put the pieces into your mixer with the whisk attachment, should you wish to colour the butter, substitute the whisk attachment with the mixer attachment.

Start fluffing up the butter and add spoon by spoon of the 500g finely sifted icing sugar to the butter. Do not melt the butter in the microwave or stove, use as is at room temperature.

Once you have finished adding the finely sifted icing sugar to the butter, move the mixture to a seperate bowl and keep aside.

Part 2

Separate the egg white from the egg into a glass or stainless steel bowl. Do not use a plastic bowl as the oil in the plastic bowl makes this part of the African Meringue Buttercream fall flat.

Break the egg white with a spoon and make sure to take out the chalaza in the egg white. Then, add a pinch, just a pinch (the small amount you can hold between your index finger and thumb) of cream of tartar to the egg white. If you do not have any cream of tartar you may use citric acid as well in powder form. Please remember this is in a glass or stainless steel bowl!

After you have mixed the cream of tartar into the egg white, take a pallet knife and stir at a speed. Should you wish to use a mixer for this part, make sure to use the flat beater attachment, do not use the whisk attachment, it will cause bubbles!

Now, add the remaining icing sugar to this part of the recipe (the meringue), spoon by spoon while stirring until you have almost the same consistency of the buttercream. If you are making African Meringue Buttercream flowers you may add extra icing sugar to make this part more stable.

Final Part

Now that you have both parts ready (buttercream part and the meringue part) take a scale and weight each part to match exactly. Add both parts together and mix well. You now have what we call African Meringue Buttercream!

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