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Roleen’s Private Collection – Malachite

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Roleen’s Private Collection – Malachite is a selected product from the Private Collection of Roleen Kemp whom founded ROLKEM with her husband in 1986, read more about the history of Roleen Kemp and ROLKEM here.

Malachite is luster dust with a high shine, similar to products in the ROLKEM Super Range.

This product can be dusted or painted on top of any confectionary, sugar-art or cake decoration articles. Use ROLKEM Quick Dry Essence to activate the pigments within the product should you wish to paint with this product. Roleen’s Private Collection – Malachite is a must have for any baker, sugar artist or cake decorator, a perfect compliment to your baking and cake decorating supplies.

Roleen’s Private Collection – Malachite is also suitable to be used in other applications such as cosmetics, makeup, body painting, face painting and many more applications hence the adapted slogan “The Most Versatile Colours

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