How Roleen Kemp Started a Sugar Art Revolution.

A long time ago in a land not so far from here, there lived a beautiful young and talented lady with the name of Roleen. She was a lady of noble stature and a royal heart, blessed with charm and creativity.

Each time she mastered one talent, she was blessed with another. She excelled in all that she did. She wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. With great love she drew all her colourful ideas from nature.

The Start of an Era

As destiny would have it, she met a handsome young man with whom she started a lovely colourful journey. With his support, this lovely young woman was devoted and even more driven than before to reach her goal and fulfil her dreams.

She aimed to use all her given talents to colour the world of sugar art and cake decoration.With her mortar and pestle in their humble home, this lovely young woman, unknowingly captured the hearts and imaginations of thousands of people in South Africa. Soon she created not only a “sugar rush” but a legacy.

A Booming Business

As time passed, the graceful woman handed over her legacy to her husband and son. They turned the once humble idea into an international company now known as RKSA (Pty) Ltd, also known as ROLKEM.

In loving memory of Roleen Kemp, we thank God for giving us this angel to paint our hearts with all the colours that glitters above, in the prism of the rainbow after the rain. We thank her for creating our sweet canvases and giving us the opportunity to express ourselves through colour and to create our dreams.

She is our inspiration, in all areas, from art to colour, and we honour her name and legacy at ROLKEM in order to bring you the best product in the history of sugar art and cake decoration.

And in true Roleen Kemp style, ROLKEM will continue to colour South Africa and the rest of the universe.

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