How does ROLKEM produce the world’s best Gel and Powder Pigments.

ROLKEM was founded in 1986 by the Kemp Family in South Africa. ROLKEM has grown under the leadership of CEO Andries Kemp, an accountant and sugar artist, to produce more than 450 different colours  in 18 colour ranges.


Our Manufacturing Techniques

Our innovative manufacturing techniques allow us, to produce organic and vegan approved pigments and colours, that is not only fade resistant, but also that has no fragrance and it will not affect the taste of any finished product. 15 of our 18 colour ranges are completely organic, and do not contain any artificial pigments.

Who can use ROLKEM products?

ROLKEM is the preferred colour used by leading chefs and patissiers including the award winning chefs of the “Chaîne des Rôtisseurs”, and the South African Chefs Association. We export our products to 49 different countries globally to all sugar artists and cake decorators.

The state of the art 15 000 square meter manufacturing plant in South Africa produces approximately 45 tons of colouring per month for its three different companies, supplying the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food industry globally.

ROLKEM is a registered food facility with the USFDA

Sugar Art and Cake Decoration

The manufacturing plant is supported by a distribution centre based in the Limpopo town of Naboomspruit. At the distribution center, special effort is made to assist the cake decorators and sugar artists in their quest to find and have the best and most vibrant colours thinkable, where a team of artists work non stop on the different Powder and Gel colours. Smiles all around help to get the love into the containers of colouring, to assist the baking industry in creating celebrations across the world.

We passionately believe: “A world filled with colour is a word filled with joy!”

If you can imagine it, we can colour it